Mobile Content Study Tour

New York and Atlanta, October 2013

01 October 2013 - 03 October 2013

How do you decide which content to put on mobile platforms? Should it be short form or long form? Should content be presented in an app or responsive designed website? Is the site-less web an option? And given that mobile advertising hasn't increased in line with audience, can we rely on this revenue stream? What are the the alternative possibilities?

Theses questions were answered by leading media organisations in New York and Atlanta

What they said about the tour

It was such a great week, full of professional exchange and discussions. - Gaston Filardi, Clarin, Argentina 

<GEN> had really succeeded in arranging the most fabulous programme for us! - Mary Gestrin, Head of Internet, Yle, Finland

Thank you for a very inspiring week - Frank Gander, Managing Editor, New Media, NRK, Norway